Welcome to the official website of the 2023 2nd International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Green Technology -ICEEGT’23 will be held during 07 June 2023. ICEEGT’23 brings together innovative academics and industrial experts in the field of Environmental and Green Technology to a common forum.

The conference’s main purpose is to support research and development in the field of Environmental Engineering and green Technology. Another purpose is to improve scientific information exchange among researchers, developers, engineers, students, and practitioners. Every year, the conference will be organised to provide an excellent platform for individuals to discuss their their perspectives and experiences in the fields of environmental science and development, as well as related fields.


Yazhli Global Multidisciplinary Research Organization (YGMRO), Tamilnadu, India

YGMRO is a non-profit organization registered under Government of India for the development of research activities in the broad field of Science, Engineering, Technology and Management. It aims to advance education and knowledge. Research organizations also work for the development of new products and services by conducting their own researches. We offer practical training in the form of lectures, workshops, international conferences and one-to-one sessions. It will provide you with an opportunity to be trained on how to make your research relevant to your target audience. The training for research scholars program is a structured, that aims to develop the skills and competences needed by early career researchers to embark upon independent research.

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